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I basically like Twilight. I appreciate it for what it is, and recognize it's shortcomings. If you're a crazed Twi-fanatic, consider yourself warned.

Kristen Stewart is on my shortlist of favorite actors, and Robert Pattinson is not only gorgeous, he's talented too.

The cast in general blows my mind. Not for their acting skills (which are super sweet), but the fact that they are all so normal seeming. And they get along. No cat fights, no set drama. I'd love to see a remake of The Breakfast club with this cast, where they act as themselves. someone make that happen k thanks.

Stephenie Meyer, as a stay-at-home mom of multiple kids, wrote a book. She's kinda my hero. I want to do what she's done.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stehenie Meyer-Enabler

Reading Stephenie Meyer's story was so inspiring to me. When I finished reading the series through the second time, I couldn't wait to sit down and write my own story. But that was going to have to wait a little while longer, because that's when I found the extra chapters, story lines, and my favorite; Midnight Sun.

First of all, let me say, I cannot imagine what I would do in her situation. If someone leaked the first twelve chapters of something I was writing, I would be crushed. Absolutely crushed. And I don't think I could finish it either. I sincerely hope Mrs. Meyer does decide to let us read her finished work, but I would be the most understanding fan out there if she left us with only the first twelve chapters. I have no doubt that she'll write the rest for herself, as she's stated in various interviews. But to have to deal with that, to put yourself out there like that and have that trust violated...what a horrible thing to deal with in the usually hyper-happy world of Twilight fandom she's created. And I do think that she has created the fans, not vice versa. By being unbelievably generous, she has made the world's most faithful fan group. We wanted more, and she gave us more....so, so much more that we could even imagine.

Speaking of Twilight fandom...People around the world have noticed that Twilight fans are...different. Twilighters, as they (or "we" I suppose I should say, since I'm as addicted as anyone) have been nicknamed, are so hungry for any slight detail of anything having to do with, well, anything! Things that are on the outskirts of the Twilight world, the movie, the actors, the set, we want to know. An extra on the set got a papercut? We'll be reading about it on the Twilight Lexicon during one of our thrice daily checks of the sight. A new interview is posted on MTV.com? Within twenty minutes there will be over a hundred comments on it.

As I said before, I think a huge reason Twilighters are so obsessive is Stephenie Meyer. She is our enabler, and I for one, am thrilled with her role. Let me try to explain how it works for me. Any time I read a book I don't want it to end. I love to read series of books, because there is more detail, more back story, and the end starts off being a few books away. I always wonder about the things that happen in the book-world that don't get written about. Personal details of the characters, storied that are only hinted at in the main plot, inconsequential details that no sane editor would let get published...yet I'm dying to know it all, as all Twilighters are.

Stephenie Meyer gives us all. After reading the series, she gives us insights into her characters through interviews that were beyond my wildest hopes. All the little details that aren't vital to the actual story, all the little details that take the characters out of the book and weave them into the fabric of our lives....she fed them to us with as much love and passion as we ate them up with.

She gave us edited out chapters, something I've longed for from my favorite authors for years. Those chapters tell us so much about the characters we love, and help us understand the published books that much more. They not only give us even more depth into our beloved Cullens, but into Stephenie herself. So many personal details, lovingly written, just waiting there for Twilighters to read.

And then there is Midnight Sun. I'm almost scared to say anything about it for fear of waking up and realizing I dreamed it. That an author would even attempt to tackle the huge task of retelling a story that is set in stone from the view of another leading character is a fairly intimadating thing. But do it as well as she did...it really is a dream come true. In my opinion, she is more in tune with Edward's perspective than Bella's. Her love for him is evident in every well-written line, to parallel Bella's view. It's pretty miraculous if you ask me.

Unfortunately, the same fanaticism that has drawn people around the world to become Twilighters led one to share something that wasn't theirs for the sharing. Again, I cannot imagine the personal anguish that must follow a breach of trust that enormous. And how much sleep, I wonder, did Stephenie Meyer lose trying to decide what to do about the situation. I believe it's a sign of the love she returns to her fans that she posted it on her own site to keep us from having to read the illegal version. How many authors would even consider releasing it the way she did? Once again, Mrs. Meyer, you have my undying thanks.

There is a certain strangeness though, in being able to experience the complete satisfaction that one takes from knowing so much about a favorite story. Always before I've been left wanting to know more...with the possible exception of Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. That man could squeeze details out of thin air, and shared every last one with his fans. I shudder to imagine an unedited version of any of his books. Anyways, I feel nothing of that sense of longing for more from the Twilight series. With, of course, the exception of the last half of Midnight Sun, which I dare to hope I will read one day. But the sense of satisfaction I have is more complete still than it ever has been. Mrs. Meyer answered questions I wasn't even aware I wanted to ask. The questions that usually come years later, after finishing a book the fifteenth time, those have all been answered. And not only answered, but described in such detail that even the most introspective fan must be satisfied.

In feeding our mania, Stephenie Meyer cements her fans even more closely to her world. She gives us what so many crave from authors, going above and beyond what any has given before. And in return, Twilighter's give her their complete devotion.

...to be continued...

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