As with anything, I always recommend beginning at the beginning. However, in case you don't want to peruse my entries from the beginning (& hey, it's your loss), here's a quickie for you.

I basically like Twilight. I appreciate it for what it is, and recognize it's shortcomings. If you're a crazed Twi-fanatic, consider yourself warned.

Kristen Stewart is on my shortlist of favorite actors, and Robert Pattinson is not only gorgeous, he's talented too.

The cast in general blows my mind. Not for their acting skills (which are super sweet), but the fact that they are all so normal seeming. And they get along. No cat fights, no set drama. I'd love to see a remake of The Breakfast club with this cast, where they act as themselves. someone make that happen k thanks.

Stephenie Meyer, as a stay-at-home mom of multiple kids, wrote a book. She's kinda my hero. I want to do what she's done.

All opinions and thoughts are welcome here, so please feel free to speak your mind. :)

PS-I tend to go off on tangents like no one's business, and occasionally stray from what I really wanted to say. I'm also too impatient to go back and re-read what I've written to make sure it sounds right. I apologize for any ramblings, incoherence, and other minor transgressions I might make.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick Fast and in a Hurry

Sorry to have been so totally slack on this blog, but well, I've been anything but slack in the rest of my life, hence the lack of entries here.

And I still don't have a bunch of time, so this is going to be a super fast catch up recap kinda thingy.

Let's see....Rachelle has been replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria in Eclipse. Rachelle is apparently going to be in a movie with Paul Giamati (loves him!), Minnie Driver, and someone else I can't remember right now. I say, good for her. While already there are teens across the world crying injustice, she obviously knows what's best for her career, and I think working with award winning actors on a serious film is a great choice, even if it means leaving a high grossing tween franchise. Art before money maybe?

Also, Nikki Reed has finally come back to us, hooray! She looks gorgeous, so I guess love in Greece with Paris whatshisname is treating her right. While he gets two strikes for being Paris Hilton's ex, and for having ultra douchey hair, he gets a bonus point for having good taste with Nikki.

It was nice to see Nikki and Kristen together at Comic Con this past week. I miss them being together all the time. They just seem like two cool chicks I'd love to spend the day chilling out with.

Rob is well....Rob. Smoking, sexy, British. Still filming in NY, and putting to rest those pesky rumors that he hates the limelight. He apparently is only awed by it, not petrified. Glad to hear that Rob, since it would appear that you won't be leaving that spot any time in the near future.

Eclipse, to be helmed by David Slade, will start gearing up in the next few weeks, which blows my mind. I mean, Kristen and Rob both left New Moon, went directly to The Runaways and Remember Me (respectively), and they'll both finish up those movies, have a couple days tops to do their own thing, then they head right back into Edward and Bella mode. Wow.

From what I've seen and heard from all the fanatics at Comic Con, Chris Weitz knows his shiz and the movie is going to be awesome. If people would have just listened to me in the beginning, they would have known that already. ;)

Kellan is doing a remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, and I'm less then thrilled about that. Remakes are rarely as awesome, and I really want to see him in something dramatic, and unexpected, instead of all these action-type things, which seem totally typecast to me.

Ashley is beautiful, and all about town recently, showcasing her...interesting fashion tastes. Sometimes she is so gorgeous, and then she shows up in leather short things....ugh. Oh well, we all those days I guess. She and Kellan's movie, The Warrior, some sports movie I believe, should be out before too long, so we'll see. I'm not holding my breath, and again, I wish she could be in something totally awesome. But then again, I'll be she does too.

Billy Burke, please adopt me and be my dad? You're just so freaking cool dude. So freaking cool.

Mike, I mean Peter Facinelli, (A-man-duh), is adorable, and smiley, and sweet according to everything anyone has to say about him. His wife, who will forever be Kelly from 90210, has all the luck. First Luke Perry and now Peter Facinelle. She must have been really nice to Brenda to get that much good karma.

Christian Serratos is way skinny, and pretty, and apparently starting a jewelry line. I'm curious to see it, since she's usually rocking some interesting pieces in public.

Mike Welch just remains on my blah-list. Sorry dude, you're awesome as Mike Newton, but unless you're being him, I'm not interested.

Jackson Rathbone, aside from having an awesome name, will be in The Last Airbender, which looks pretty sweet, and in which he himself looks pretty hot. I'm excited to see his role in New Moon after seeing the preview scene where he freaks on Bella's paper cut. Way to let loose man.

Haven't heard much about Angerano, or however you spell it, and I'm not too worried about it. I don't care who Kristen dates, and I don't see how she's got time to wipe her butt before she leaves the bathroom much less live a fulfilling love life with everything she's got on her plate right now. She's badass no matter what tween girls think.

So that's it for now, I know it's not up to my usual par, I just don't have time right now to make it better. So until next time, hasta banana!