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I basically like Twilight. I appreciate it for what it is, and recognize it's shortcomings. If you're a crazed Twi-fanatic, consider yourself warned.

Kristen Stewart is on my shortlist of favorite actors, and Robert Pattinson is not only gorgeous, he's talented too.

The cast in general blows my mind. Not for their acting skills (which are super sweet), but the fact that they are all so normal seeming. And they get along. No cat fights, no set drama. I'd love to see a remake of The Breakfast club with this cast, where they act as themselves. someone make that happen k thanks.

Stephenie Meyer, as a stay-at-home mom of multiple kids, wrote a book. She's kinda my hero. I want to do what she's done.

All opinions and thoughts are welcome here, so please feel free to speak your mind. :)

PS-I tend to go off on tangents like no one's business, and occasionally stray from what I really wanted to say. I'm also too impatient to go back and re-read what I've written to make sure it sounds right. I apologize for any ramblings, incoherence, and other minor transgressions I might make.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The New Moon is Upon Us!

I got on Blogger today to do some minor work on my blogs, an effort that was totally and completely shot to hell by two things, both of which I'm laying solely at the feet of one woman. And I adore her for the marvelous distraction she's provided.

Who is this woman, and what has she shown me? Well, I'll tell you. She's my dealer. My TwiCrack dealer. If you've never checked out Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict, then do so now. I'll wait.

That awesome blog is run by one woman who makes me happy constantly throughout the day with her little tidbits of info, humorous musings, and whom I feel a certain kinship with, since she is also a closet blogger/TwiCrack investigator due to being not a teenage girl.

Today there were two things, and this first one is a doozy, so take a deep breath, and be prepared to possibly hyperventilate. I almost did.

The long-awaited GQ issue featuring Robert Pattinson on the cover is out. And it's AWESOME! Not just the pictures, but the interview is great too. That man is sex, period.

Here's a little teaser for you, this is the cover shot, and my favorite Smokin' Rob photo yet, but there's more inside...yum yum yum yum!

The second thing is the photos from SpoilerTV, who apparently have photographers camped out near the trailers of the cast. There's a TON of photos, mostly of them smoking, since they're obviously on a break during hair and makeup, but it's cool to see what the character's will look like in this movie. If you don't want any sort of spoiler, stop reading, and most definitely don't look at this link here. :)


But for the rest of you who eat up every smidgen of info you can get (like myself), I hope you enjoyed them. Here's a few thoughts on those photos...

*I'm SO GLAD Nikki is wearing a wig in this movie. I totally appreciate her dedication to her craft and her character that made her sit in a chair for a 36 hour bleaching session, and I commiserate with her hair breaking off after the movie was done from the assault that was done to it during the filming of Twilight. But the dark roots were still obvious, and it was just something little that nagged at my attention while I watched the movie, keeping my from focusing completely on the story. The wig is perfect, and it looks great! HOORAY! (Her hair has to be happier too, right?)

*Taylor's wig is still terrible. I'm sorry, I just don't like the long haired look their giving him. He's an adorable kid with his short hair, then they stick on that roadkill, and bleh! Maybe it's just me. I can't wait till we get to Breaking Dawn and he cuts it all off. Only two more movies to go, haha!

*It's amazing how much different Kristen looks with the Bella hair pieces and make-up. She is beautiful in real life, but she's also fierce, a lioness. But they make her look so soft and fragile, definitely more lamb than lion (pun intended), and I love seeing that transformation. It almost feels wrong to see her smoking as Bella, haha.

*Rob's best look is not as Edward, in my very humble opinion. However, he is gorgeous, I covet his Ray Ban collection, and he is gorgeous. Did I mention that he's gorgeous?

So...whose as excited as I am to see what Chris Weitz pulls out of his directing hat?!

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